Website Design Resources


It’s a new year and maybe a new opportunity to review your website design and how it’s serving lead generation strategy. For those of you choosing to mange more of the design functions internally, here is a list of resources that will help keep your vision inline with good design structure.

Considerations need to be made from visual appeal, what eCommerce platform to choose to user interface (UX) and conversion optimization. We can spend a lot of money driving traffic to our websites but what are we consciously doing in terms of delivering highly useful information in a format that compels your audience to engage your brand.

We have curated a list of content resources that should act as good jump-off point for conversation for new website design planning.

1. 9 Essential Resources for User Interface Designers

2. WordPress Website Design Themes

3, E-Commerce Resources

4. User Interface (UX)

5. 10 Useful tools for choosing the right color palette

6. Content Structure and Design; 25 examples

7. Social Media Integration

8. Lead Capture Forms

9. Wire framing tools

10. Web browser compatibility testing

We typically use an in-depth discovery process when going into a new website design process, it’s important to re-analyze the needs and expectations of your audience, market, competition and create compelling designs that deliver useful and compelling information that sets you apart from the pack.

Utilize this list as a part of your research and planning phase, it should bring to light some important details that many times can get over looked in the design and planning phase and will help your process go much smoother.

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